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Notion Team Template Update 2

Updated 19. Nov 2023

πŸŽ‰ We Just Leveled Up! Introducing the Notion Scrum Template v2! πŸŽ‰

Hey there, fellow project managers and Notion enthusiasts! I've got some exciting news to share – we've given our agile Notion Dev Team Template a slick and savvy makeover. So, if you're all about streamlining your software development game and making project management a breeze, you're in for a treat. Let's dive right into what's new and improved!

Why the Update, You Ask?

You know what they say – good things come to those who wait. And boy, did Notion deliver! Now, we are making even better use of latest Notion features. Buttons now allow you to create a new page in a database with a template of your choosing. (Finally, right?) So in the light of new Notion changes, we have updated the template to be even more streamlined.

⭐️Direct Actions, More clarity

We have split up the buttons to submit the task/idea and a bug. The reason for this is that now we can show you the bug template directly without the need of user having to choose it's a bug afterwards.

This way whenever someone fills a bug, they will be immediatelly presented with series of questions so thy can make the best bug report.

before after notion button comparison

Page Templates stay the same but they are easier to access:

notion scrum task template for bugs and ideas

⭐️New Button "Move Approved To Complete"

This new button brings in the functionality of completing a sprint into Notion. With just 1 click you can move all approved tasks into complete column. A minor but welcome addition to the workflow.

Additionaly pressing the button also sets the completed at date to all tasks. Allowing you to track your velocity easier.

new button approved to complete

Looking for agile Notion Team template?

So, whether you're a Notion rookie or a seasoned pro, our enhanced Notion Scrum Template is here to make your life simpler, your projects organized, and your teams more efficient. Dive in, explore the revamped templates, and experience a new level of productivity. Your projects will thank you later!

This update doesn't just move buttons around; it elevates your whole software development experience. Our Notion Scrum Template has always been a dream come true for Scrum and Kanban enthusiasts. Now, with seamless template switching, it's even more tailored to your agile needs.

Beyond Buttons: A Taste of What's Possible

We have just recorded our first video explaining how you can automate your templates with our Otiv.Dev features.

Ready to Take the Leap?

Remember, project management nirvana is just a click away. Stay agile, stay productive, and let Notion do the heavy lifting while you rock your software development endeavors.

That's it for now, folks! Stay tuned for more updates and pro tips from yours truly. Until then, keep those projects rolling and those buttons clicking!



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