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Are you looking for a proven and tested software development system? Look no further than the Notion Software Development Template! Whether you're a Notion newbie or already familiar with the platform, this template will revolutionize the way you manage your projects.

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🚀 Highlights:

  • Dashboard for quick and easy navigation

  • Meetings system

  • Task management system

  • Milestones system

  • Content planning systems

  • Iteration(sprint) planning system

  • Idea Inbox & Research system

  • Vision and mission pages to align your team's goals

  • Great support for Otiv.Dev automations  


📈 Incrementally Adoptable:

You can start with just 1 page and incrementally adopt other pages as the need arises. This template is designed to be flexible and easy to use.


It comes with 📝 Admin Guide and 🎥 Videos (coming soon) to help you and your team get started quickly.


🔁 Compatible with Automations:

Take your productivity to the next level with seamless automation integration. As an added bonus, when you download the Notion Software Development Template, you'll receive three months of free subscription for Otiv.Dev automations. Automate repetitive tasks, streamline your workflows, and unlock a new level of efficiency within your team.

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✅ Success Stories:

We have used variation of this template to build and launch multiple products. Including Otiv.Dev. It has been battle tested and proven to work. But don't forget. The most efficient workflow is unique to your team and you have to make it your own.

Notion Dev Team Template

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