Personal Tasks Automation with Notion and Slack

Updated 18. Jul 2023

What we’ll be building?

This tutorial will show you how to set up a simple automation that will help you stay on top of your personal tasks.

You will receive tasks in a Slack channel every morning at 9.

Here is how the slack message itself will look like:

Personal Notion + Slack Todo List Automation Example

Get Started


  • Slack channel for reminders to go in

  • Notion Database with tasks

    • Checkbox property called Complete (you can use any property, but for simplicity we will just go with checkbox here)

    • Checkbox property called Due Date

1. Configure the Basics

First, create a new automation, call it whatever you’d like. We called it “Daily Tasks”.

Create Automation on Otiv.Dev

On the next page, choose the destination channel. This is where your Slack messages will be sent.

Select Automation Destination

2. Add Instructions Text


It’s always recommended to add some instruction text & basic info about the automation.

Here you will explain the automation, let people know why this was posted and what to do.

Simply press + Text at the bottom of your Slack automation.

Add Automation Text Item

Here is our template text that you can use and modify to your own liking:

👋 Hey Vito,
Here is a list of tasks that you can ge on:

2. Add Notion Items Setup

First press + Items and then choose your source database. You can set up filters, limits and sorting in the next step.

Add Notion Database Items to Slack Automation

2.1 Set up filters

Depending on your set up, you might need to adjust your filters slightly.

For now we will simply set the filters so that it includes all items that are not complete and have a due date in next 2 days.

This is roughly what you should see:

Personal Filters Example

2.2 Set up actions

Finally, the interesting part - actions. Actions allow you to have buttons inside Slack. So when you get a reminder in the morning to complete some tasks ou can do it directly from within Slack.

We will set up 2 actions for this use case:

  1. Action To Mark It As Complete

  2. Action to Postpone the Task

3. Make a test run!

That should be most of the work done. You can now make a test run. To do so open the automation menu and press Run

Make a test run automation

4. Set up a schedule

It's up to you how you want to set up the schedule, I personally have it set up for all the days except for Sundays (everybody needs some time off!).

Simply go into schedue settings, choose repeat "Weekly", tick off all the days except Sunday and save.

You are done

Pro Tip:

Set up buttons in the Notion template itself with the same modifications. Making your experience seamless no matter if you are in Notion or Slack.

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