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Without Otiv.Dev we would never be able to work as asynchronously as we do. Recommended.

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Internally, we use Otiv.Dev to automate all of our projects and it's been a game changer.

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This is a great tool to automate your Notion and Slack workflows. It's easy to use and the support is great.

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Never Miss a Meeting

Receive a daily list of all scheduled meetings at 9 am, conveniently delivered to your designated Slack channel.

Eliminate Untested Tickets

Get a testing reminder after each release to ensure no ticket goes untested.

Don't let A/B experiments go unchecked

Receive reminders to review your experiments promptly upon their due time.

Celebrate Team Successes

Highlight completed major milestones and tasks to celebrate your team's achievements.

Prevent Task Neglect

Receive reminders to #planning channel so you can address overdue tasks and prevent them from being neglected.

And So Much More!

With almost infinite flexibility, you can automate almost any workflow you can imagine.

Setting up your first Notion & Slack Automation

Asynchronous Teams Like Yours Use Otiv.Dev to Stay in Sync

Keep your Team in Sync

Schedule messsages or trigger them on release with a webhook

Schedule example

Do more with actions

Do key actions inside Slack, no need to leave the chat and look for a page in a different tool

Actions example

Unique and easy integration

Our simple setup and deep integrations allow you to get started in no time.

10 minutes set up
Maximize Your Team's Potential

Empower Them with Tools & Automations

Helping you with entire workflow

Key moments in your development workflow that could use some help.

Templates & Resources

Everything to get your team started quickly. Get your team workflow ready in a day.

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Some of our favourite automations

Testing Reminder automation example

Testing Reminder

Remind your team to help with testing

Sprint Planning Recommendation automation example

Sprint Planning Recommendation

Recommend tickets for next sprint

Release Automation automation example

Release Automation

Automatically post released tickets when deployments happen

Definition Reminder automation example

Definition Reminder

Remind team members to finish defining the tickets they created

Sprint Report automation example

Sprint Report

Show the great work you’ve done to the team!

Prioritisation Reminder automation example

Prioritisation Reminder

Remind project managers to prioritise the tasks

Monthly Report automation example

Monthly Report

Highlights major features we completed in a last month

Maximize Your Team's Potential

Empower Them with Tools & Automations


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